Value is the Bottom Line...

Booking agents and consultants make their living selling hunts on a commission basis, so they tend to book the more expensive hunts first. These hunts may not be the best quality or the best value for your hard earned money. Compare my prices and my client photos to some of the larger hunting consultant firms and outfitting services, and you will see Adventures West Recreation has a quality hunt that you can afford!
My group of honest hardworking outfitters specialize in affordable western big game hunts. They hunt quality private land, which renders high hunter satisfaction on representative animals. I also work with several first class outfits that offer hunts for Trophy class animals. These hunts are a little more expensive, but may be worth it depending on your expectations, physical fitness and your ability to keep your finger off the trigger!

I work by myself and have very little overhead; therefore I can pass on my savings on to you. I don't have to advertise in the big dollar magazines or attend all the expensive sportsmen's shows. I get most of my clients from word of mouth and I have a solid base of repeat clients each year. Since my hunts are so successful and affordable they book fast, so if you find a hunt that you are interested in call Adventures West Recreation as soon as possible to check availability.

If you intend to book hunts in Montana or Wyoming, please be aware the tag applications for these hunts are due anywhere from January 31st to March 15th of each year. Adventures West Recreation also books hunts for numerous outfitters throughout the west where the hunter does not have to draw for a tag. These guaranteed licenses make it easy to plan your hunt.